Sunday, March 13, 2011

i dont understand

confront a deff customer. asking for several movies playing by moving her hand up and down. pointing at the poster on my back and asking what the time[ yup, several sign that she show me r easy to guest ]. yes i am, using the same stupid sign which i create to tell them the time, which movies, asking wether its ok or not, without opening my mouth. superb. . saving 2% of my voice. .silly. .
my mood are swing like hell today. i hate every face that comes infront of me and asking and questioning me the same things every 5minutes. .shit. .felt like to scream and punch them on their face. . !! grrr~

then i saw a baby, which i wave my hand to her and move my finger like 'bubbye hye' sign. then she raise her hand and do the same. .super cute. . :)

i text him today and he didnt reply. then i call, and heard his unhappy voice like he dont want to receive any calls or text from me. i dont know why he hate me so much. i dont understand. he talk to me like he usually do, but i know he just want to say bye and hung up on me. i'm just missing you love. so much. i really care what are happening surround you. i want to know everythg.
i know you are happy having friends, girlfriends, bestfriends. .i dont want to swing your mood. .i dont want you to be sad. . . only god knows. .
if only i can frame ur pic in my room which i can see it everyday, im going too blind later on. .crying all day long,everyday. .again, i miss you love. .
im sorry guys coz writing so much about my feelings here today in this post. .im just so broken hearted. .
i really2 lost my heart. i dont knw where it go. .maybe after 1 or 2 years, i will find it back. .

[to the peeps who in a relationship]; work hard to hold it strong.
[in relationship --> single]              ; stay strong. think of yourself. be indipendent hearted person. you'll survive.

hug n kisses!

13th feb 2011, 5am
i'll be here if u need me. .

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