Monday, February 28, 2011

when i'm sad

i've found the best place. emotionaly. . a lake. .
since i live near to it, i recently spending my time there thinking about lots of things.
just shut my phone off and seat there as long as i want.
my friend,naim, who introduced me to the place. he said that when he have something to talk with her gf, he'll come there. the best place on earth i could say.
it'll looks so moderate at daylight, and turn to be the best when night comes. the light, the swan. yeah,the swan. two couples of swan. the black and the white one. seeing the swan do knock me with the emotion. both are swimming and following each other. how i wish to be the swan at that time.
i have immoral lots of water lake and i confirm it was not just the rain. crying a lot there actually. haha. .
when i'm sad, i'll be there. .

hug n kisses!!

the light view from the building across the lake  :)

and this is my fat ugly feet!!

3.25am 28th february 2011
i should listen to my heart. since mine still stuck at the same place,it wont go anywhere-promise