Tuesday, February 8, 2011

freedom is about giving chances and choices

a nice evening chat with my leadership professor giving me a thousand of view. she said that freedom is about giving chances and choices(C&C). we need to fight for having the C&C to gain the freedom. while i'm given the freedom, so it's mean i have been given the C&C. it's my decision now to decide where and what i should put my life track on. either onwards or backwards. but hey, onwards of course guys!
life that we have left are should be left out. maybe as a references for us in the future. our relationship, our study, our social lifestyle which gives us a lot of positive and negative impact in our value of life. she also said that if we do not change, it means we do not learn at all. so learn from your mistakes guys, because it do help you to improve everything that you lack at. so good luck! ;)

3am 8th February 2011
u have start forgetting me love. so then i need to be strong. I.L.Y.

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