Friday, February 4, 2011

oh dear curry

bare foot searching for curry leaves. mom wish to eat chicken curry today for lunch. but actually, when it comes towards cooking curry, im failed! so then mom is the pilot,and im the co today. and all are working just fine. love you mom! i wonder if i can cook 'masak kurma'. .piece :) mom!!!
btw, because of sleeping at 6am this morning and awake at 7.30am makes me 'lemau' a little bit. too eager writing this blog of course. crazy. . :)
oh yes, i heard my mom mumbling to my grandma and said 'biar je mak ira masak,nnti lama2 sume pandai', and then i shout from the kitchen 'ira tau masaklaa'. then she laugh so loud. .ergh~ :)

3.02pm 4th feb 2011
'morning love'. .i wish i could text this everyday and i will. I.L.Y.

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