Thursday, February 24, 2011

in my shoes

talking about shoes, i'm actually a shoe addictor!!
looking through the shop glass are so making me excitedly crazy. my shoes's size??
u can guess :)
but actually, this is not about shoes.
there's a friend of mine telling me that knowing people for years are better than knowing a person in a short time. badly,its so true!!
my friend,ieqa,have been in the relationship with her bf for 6 years. wht she have told me, 'we're like needing each matter on what case.choosing clothes,menu,do a decision n etc. we do it together. he have become more open towards his true character,but then i can accept it.because its him '
love on the first sight. do u believe it? some people do. some people not. i believe it also. BUT, its okey if u just like the person. take time to know him/her. because if u are rushing, there is a bad things waiting. u should be in my shoes. then u'll know.
get it???oke. . .good. . .
since my last break up, and since we becomes friend. i know the pro and contrast. who he is. what he's favourite thing. what type of person he is.
so start ur relation with a friend's relation. .take time. .slowly. .it will give you the best benefit. .

hug n kisses!!

3.08am 24 february 2011
what are you??


  1. HUHU ! yes u're right ! btw ilove this font. Cantik lah !

  2. Yeah! So True!! : )
    I Like it too!!! Mables!! : )