Wednesday, February 16, 2011

listen is enough

phieuwww. .almost 10days i'm not updating anything in this busy with the test and work.but lots of things running in my mind recently.since the 1st story blog that i have write,its already 15days.being single actually.haha.damn it. .
in this partial of time,u will realize that you really need somebody to talk with.filling the time.syukur, i have friends,girlfriends and boyfriends.listen is enough.
texting and talking to them really help to enclose our relationship.
btw, i have two test tomorrow.sigh!haha. .what to do.student compulsory thingy ryte?
actually,before i'm busy with the work and class,i've join my friend to do some photoshoots.its really fun,seriously!!
thinking to do another photoshoot with my buddies this march.searching for white modern wedding dress.
with a creepy scenery,red cherry lipstick,very dark look eye shadow.cant wait!
i will update the pics here for you. no worries!!hee. .
see you at the next blog guys!hugs n kisses. .

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