Thursday, February 24, 2011

if you understand

let say,your mom ask you to be a teacher. would you ask why?my mom always say that being a teacher will help you to understand people in and out.because you are like spending half of the day with the same person.the concept is regularly can be used in the family.but the feeling of being connected are more stronger and longlasting.i love my family.i have the best mom.a dad who understand.three sisters who love me so much.i would die if they were not around.i miss them so much right now.
my second sis,aza,got 3.2 in her stpm. i called her and she was so happy. i love her.
the third one always chat and giving me comments in my facebook wall. damn i miss her.
the last one keep texting me and asking me when will i go back and see her.and not forget to ask me to buy 7E slurpy drinks and waffle for her each time i go back. she's 14,but still looks like a baby to me.
having them is a bless.thank you god. .
i have my study to work on. i have another 1 year to complete it.pray for me peeps.
i'm going to turn to 23,and the age will keep moving.
thinking to take 'kursus kahwin' already.haha.jokes.
my married plan start only when i'm is just a plan.i'm not telling you that i'll be a wife already on that age.
it is just a plan.who knows what will happen.
my friend, amsyar, said ' u'll too busy to have a commitment when you are in the working mode '
and i'm agree.
i'm still a kid. crying so hard when he leave me.and i do everynite when i miss him.
still cant guess on what age i'll be stable delivering all the emotions. and i'll be ready when i do.
i'm not that kind of hu ha girl.dont have the character.
i'm not the one who like to do the funny face.sometimes i did.
i'm so damn nervous when i'm driving(manually)
i dont know how to do the cute voice.
i'm just a regular boring girl.
i'm a dove,easy to fall in love.but when i did,i just love you.the only one.
if you understand

hug n kisses!

its okey if u want to stop talking to me.i know im just a regular girl.

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