Friday, February 4, 2011

i hope i wont,but it did

apparently,since that 2nd february 2011, i've noticed that i need to deal with this things soon or later. yes and yes, i've face this before, but it do hurt me somehow inside and out. im so weak when it comes to my heart. i could tell that it kinda sound like a curse because nobody want to experience this thing. i hope i wont,but it did. everybody appreciate love, and i trust that you out there are also agree with me. being in love would make us smile with no reason and cheerfull as we can be. honestly, i love him with all my heart, it maybe just i'm acting so childish and too caring(i mean too caring seriously) that make he felt this way. feel like crying now. .gosh. .a moment pls. . . .sorry. . .
im not a good actress, because when it comes towards expressing my feelings, i'll start crying so hard. i just hate to hear he say 'u'll going to be ok without me'. its not that easy. . when i start to be serious in the relationship, honestly i wont be ashamed to admit that i have a bf. some people didnt share their status. some people did. for me, a relationship will somehow teach you how to deal with something new to you. from my experience,it really did. as my advice, be the best for your mate. appreciate him/her, spend time for a while for atleast to share your things and also he/her things, dont ever cheat, dont make him/her stress, learn to hear what your mate always wanted and be as close as u can especially in your heart.
12.38am 4/02/11
reading through his blog just now. i never realized he's in this curb so long. how do i wish he tell this thing earlier and things wont end this way. I.L.Y


  1. hey..what's up?last time i checked u were so happy with him..n i knew u truly were..erm it might b only some bad patch, u can deal with it..n iera dat i know is a strong will girl..u'll b fine, take care

  2. wal: i just didnt know it will b like this. .