Saturday, February 5, 2011

when both are ready

as we grow older, certain things have force us to become more matured and indipendent right away. lots of things i can tell. but it depends on you,yourself. it do takes time, because certain people are more comfortable living in their own world, like we were kids. we create and we live as happy as we wanted it to be. when it comes to relationship, wether it is serious or not serious, we must think!it must happen when both are ready. do you CLEAR on what i'm saying?. . . . .cool. . . . :)
lots and lots of problem will occur directly WHEN YOU ARE NOT READY. but for myself, i'm cool. i'm 23 this year. having my 1st relationship when i'm 16, and my last one is this year. back to normal( which i hate the most). so guys, dont stop doing it. its a normal thing if we end with a break up thingy. you should work hard to improve what you lack at. trust yourself!! :)

9.57pm 5th february 2011
i miss you too love. I.L.Y.

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