Monday, February 7, 2011

risk and selfishness

just now im having a late dinner with my housemate. we were both talking about our relationship. girls talk :P
it seems that we've been in the same situation. we share a little bit and make some wrap about what actually happen to us. we do have lots of common. a break up thingy! we both asked ourself what actually force our guy to make that kind of decision. selfishness. for us, it is so easy for them to say goodbye eventhough it is hard to say,but they did say it with no doubt at all. i believe that they were strong hearted but at the same time build up a kind of selfishness inside themselves. 'why now?' . thats the exact word that both of us have ask to our love one. and as hearing the answer, a thousand of cry came out .
i've left lots of things, my life. i can live without it as long he is around. texting and calling me is just enough. no need for a fancy dinner, a holiday vacation, an expensive present. im a simple person. i appreciate everythg that he did for me.
guys love freedom, his world and life, something that he work on that would be his first, and his family.
maybe one thing that they should know. everythg have their own risk. every decision including being in a relationship got their own thing that we need to deal with. so dont make the decision without thinking.

12.20am 7th february 2011
be what you are.prove everythg that you have said to me love. I.L.Y.

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  1. seseorg itu boleh berubah, mgkin sudah pun berubah...dan menyesali perbuatan nye yg lalu...seorg lelaki mmg jiwa nye keras, tp ad kala nye kalah juga ati lelaki ini terhadap insan bergelar wanita...gtu..hik3